Poyner Goat Company

Who We Are

In 1995 we started with a handful of goats to clean up some property we had bought. The goats were completely unprotected from predation, and we soon found that if we wanted to stay in the goat and bottle calf business, we needed help! After a neighbor lost several head of goats, and we lost a couple of bottle calves to a pack of roaming dog , we started searching for a livestock guardian dog.

Our first dogs were Pyrenees, and then we found Annie, the perfect Anatolian. We soon learned that we had alot to learn about LGD! As the years flew by, we found ourselves involved with rescue and fostering guardian dogs that needed a home for various reasons. Each dog has taught us something new, and we believe that each dog is different, regardless of their breed or breeding.

about us 3We also discovered the numerous other breeds of livestock guardian dogs from around the world and so began our quest to work with at least one dog of every different breed possible. Our goal is not to turn out vicious dogs that will harm others, but to turn out dogs that exhibit self control and intelligence. We believe the dogs should warn first, giving the person or predator ample time to leave the premises. The dogs should posture, again barking and warning off the intruder. Rolling an intruder is the third warning, again without biting or doing harm to the predator and again giving them the opportunity to leave the premises. Only as a last resort, should the dogs give way to attack. We strive to socialize our dogs, and we especially like for them to be exposed to children. Each dog the we currently have, is kid friendly and completely trustworthy around children. We do not want it any other way.

We find that our dogs tend to gravitate towards children. Our son Keevin, spends many hours playing in our pastures, and there is always a dog or two at his side. They all adore him, and he is very helpful when we get in a nervous rescue dog. Keevin is as much a part of the training process as we are. He spends so much time talking to the dogs, and seems to calm the nervous ones down, just by his presence. It is amazing to watch.

I hope that I have instilled into my son, a love and compassion for animals that will stay with him the rest of his life.

Poyner Goat Company is very lucky to have a couple of dogs that do take alot of the work out of the training process. Rico, an imported Estrela Mountain Dog, and Glory, a rescued Akbash acquired from National Anatolian Shepherd Rescue, are both alpha dogs. They are instrumental in teaching new dogs the ropes around here. They do not allow horseplay or chasing of the stock, and no bad deed goes unrolled in our pasture. If it were not for Glory and Rico, our work would be so much more difficult!

We currently have working in our pastures: Anatolian, Akbash, Estrela Mountain Dogs, Karakachan and Gampr. We have also worked with Central Asian Shepherds, Maremma and Pyrenees. Please check out our rescue page, as we have several stories of rescued dogs that have touched our lives.

We are also in the process of expanding our goat herd again, and are looking at going back into butchering goats full time under USDA inspection. As plans develop, we will keep you advised about buying stations, pricing etc.